Communisis Deutschland GmbH is the global partner for RETAIL marketing.

They manage complete advertising campaigns of well-known brands by relying on their greatest strength as a strategic "sourcing" specialist. Communisis manages the services of internal and external companies in the advertising industry in order to optimize the cost and effectiveness of marketing materials for their clients in the best possible way.

This is where EFFEKT GRAFIK show off!

Bild Sezer Kezer



"In the first conversations with Communisis, we quickly realized: we are pursuing the same goals: To give brand products a distinctive stage in the POS area. Through initial trial work, test runs and small projects, we convinced Communisis with our timely implementations of quality 3D renderings and production-ready prototypes from our in-house graphic, printing and plastics departments!"


Today Communisis entrusts EFFEKT GRAFIK, as an internationally operating idea generator, producer and supplier of POS solutions, with the product presentations for WICK and NASIVIN of their well-known client P&G.

Bild Frank Neumann



“To do justice to the already well-known brands and to create a uniform image for the sales products, we used specially colored polystyrene and different digital and screen-printing methods for the counter displays. The displays shine intensively in the house colors of the brands and are the colorful eye-catchers in the OTC area.”


Within 8 weeks EFFEKT GRAFIK realized a total of 4400 counter displays for P&G. These are selling great in Germany as well as in Austria - follow-up production assured!

Bild Nasivin & Wick Sounter Display


Communisis is enthusiastic about the high-quality execution and timely production of the NASIVIN & WICK counter displays as well as the extensive support provided by our sales team. We convinced once again with our all-round package and our strong partnership, which is shaped by deep trust.

We thank Communisis for the great cooperation and the successful project completion! We are looking forward to many more projects with you!