BABOR and L’ORÈAL stand out with their environmentally conscious corporate philosophies and concepts. They are the pioneers when it comes to sustainability at the POS. SUSTAINABLE & DURABLE DISPLAY SOLUTIONS – as a trustworthy partner and manufacturer, EFFEKT GRAFIK implements the environmentally conscious brand identity for both companies.

It has long been important for the brand industry to develop and present their products sustainably – from the purchase and extraction of raw materials to the use and disposal of the products. The use of resource-saving packaging and renewable raw materials as well as the lowering of CO2, water and waste consumption are important aspects that the brand industry put emphasis on in their daily work of trading at the POS.


Nachhaltigkeit BABOR, L'OREAL

„What we do today determines what
the world will look like tomorrow!“

Tuncay Kezer, Sales Director of EFFEKT GRAFIK


EFFEKT GRAFIK has relied on recyclable materials and environmentally conscious work for years. Our state-of-the-art production processes help us to implement the presentation wishes of our customers in an energy-saving and resource-conserving manner – with visible success for BABOR & L’ORÈAL!