Excellent work at the pos

The Effekt Grafik Media GmbH & Co. KG received two of the coveted trophies at this year's Super Star Award.

On 7th November 2013 the moment finally arrived: responsible organisations of the display had invited to come to Düsseldorf in order to award the prize for the most interesting and inspiring display. When the ceremony took place in the extraordinary ambience of the Rhine terraces, numerous Displayers were present, Effekt Grafik could convince the jury in the categories of wood (product carrying) and metal (self-representing) and won the Bronze Award for both categories. "A great result", Philip Legerski pronounced, who works as an assistant to the management at Effekt Grafik.

The leaders of the company Effekt Grafik see themselves confirmed that the company‘s approach is the right one .through the general trust of customers and by the fact that it is the Super Star Award despite the large number of participating competitors which could exist in the orientation of the company. Its origin can be found in the screen printing, at a time when the production of display was still a far way to go. 43 years later, the company has establishes as an allrounder at the market and the company convinces both: in the area of screen printing as well as in digital printing, in the plastic processing as well as in the display building by means of individuality, quality and performance. At the end of 2010, Ulrich Legerski has taken the second position of the managing partners - the company‘s succession is also backed up. Apart from renowned trading companies, many branded companies express their confidence in the competence of the company. In this industry passion and love for the detail are in demand. Each product requires a proper presentation, Philipp Legerski says. The concept "Everything from one hand" offers numerous advantages for the customer. With a tight network of partners and suppliers, Effekt Grafik can develop tailored and competitive POS solutions - POS solutions, such as the excellent Fressnapf puppies club display or the goods bearing display for the Japanese Kose Corporation.

The Puppy Club display impresses through its details. In addition to the functional basic construction of metal, which can easily be established by the local staff, the special features are very visible, such as the bone-shaped high-quality print and the dog paws that are glued-on on the ground. "The display positions the puppy club emotionally strong at the POS. The customer is motivated to log in directly to the Puppies Club, since the display underlines the incentive – the welcome backpack and emphasizes other benefits as well. A very successful presentation."

Furthermore on the kose display was awarded at the evening, which is a symbiosis of form and color with the products. Finest wood surfaces combined with refined presentation areas as well as high-quality digital printings create a presentation at the pos that is unequalled.

We are already looking forward to the next competition, because – for example in the area of plastic displays – we could implement numerous projects in this year which have thrilled our customers and which hopefully will convince the jury, too“, Philip Legerski explains.

Source: display, HEFT 6 Dez./Jan 2013/2014