Effekt Grafik sustainable on the market

Individuality – Quality – Creativity – the Effekt Grafik Werbeträger GmbH & Co. KG is famous for its ingenuity and performance on the market for more than 40 years.

„Everything from a single source“ is the motto of the Bocholt-based company. This claim is filled by an own production with connected screen printing, various digital printing machines as well as the equipment of state-of-the-art laser and milling technology. Personally, the company sees itself well positioned: "Behind the technology you will find a team of highly motivated and qualified employees with the experience of thousands of projects," Ulrich Legerski, Effekt Grafik managing director stresses. This potential, in combination with a reliable, fair and open embossed network of partner companies and suppliers, is the foundation of the success, due to the company based in the Munsterland.

In addition to the competencies in the printing area, that are especially due to the purchase of high-quality digital printing machines, the Effekt Grafik leaders have consistently continued to work on the sustainable development of the display production over the last few decades. "On customer request, renewable raw materials such as wood or alternatives to PVC are involved in the construction. The satisfaction of our customers is our daily incentive", Ulrich Legerski tells.

For many years especially the brand industry, in the field of cosmetics and perfume industry, appreciates the individuality and the innovative power of the company in the display building area. The solutions from Bocholt are also strongly demanded from some parts of the food retail trade, for which Effekt Grafik in particular develops strong displays, hanging systems, wall panels or exclusive "Eyecatcher".

But, of course, the Effekt Grafik solutions do not just fall from heaven; here everything also begins with a design. But: By using modern software for 2D- and 3D-animation the graphic artists can created first visual impressions of the display to convey on a short-term basis. The intermediate step is a "life-sized" pattern, the customer can have a look at and on which possible changes can be made. This is followed by the single piece or series production. Through consistent investment in laser technology in the milling, sawing and polishing area as well as in bending machines, Effekt Grafik has created a variety of graphic processing skills. The latest LED technology, special veneer and adhesive technologies and also mechanical elements make up the "certain something" to the POS solutions made by Effekt Grafik.

In addition, the refining process takes place by means of digital and/or screen printing as well as with various special printing techniques. A company history lasting for more than four decades and the confidence in their own skills and in the teamwork, leads managing director Ulrich Legerski to the conclusion: "No matter which products or service, Effekt Grafik takes any challenge to response to the customer‘s questions to find the brand product and the advertising message set up correctly."

The Puppy Club display impresses through its details. In addition to the functional basic construction of metal, the connections can easily can be established by the local staff, the special features are very obvious such as the high-quality print formed as a bone and the dog paw glued-on the ground. "The display positions the Puppy Club emotionally and with strong attention at the POS. The customer will be motivated to log in directly to the Puppies Club because the display focus on the incentives - The Welcome Backpack - and emphasizes further benefits. A very successful presentation."

In addition, the Kosé-display has been awarded, which is a symbiosis of form and color. Finest wood surfaces combined with refined presentation areas in the mirror look and high-quality digital printing create a presentation at the POS, which has no equal.

„We are already looking forward to the next competition, as for example in the area of plastic displays we could also create numerous projects that have thrilled our customers and that hopefully will also convince the jury", Philip Legerski explains.

Source: Display, Auflage 05/2012