Effekt Grafik runners step on the gas! Run 2.0

Our sportive Effekt Grafik runners gave their best performance again and did not miss the opportunity to take part in the current Borken cityrun this month.

„We have developed a taste for it!“, Jochen Vohrmann, a long-term sales representative of the Effekt Grafik team, said.

Even after the 18th cityrun had taken place in May and the big aim had been achieved by all Effekt Grafik participants, some runners have still come together in small groups to go on training.

The cityrun, taking place in the nearby Borken at 9th of June, offered the chance to the well-trained runners to test their current fitness condition at the 5-km run and to push each other to top form. Despite initial bad weather forecasts and ongoing rain their ambition has been rewarded. The sun has been high at the sky and additionally guaranteed a healthy dose of good mood and power.

„It is just much more motivating to run with a group of people all pursuing the same aim, no matter which company department the employee belongs to. Running together connects!“, Frank Neumann, the Effekt Grafik media design department manager, said.

„Everyone who thinks that this has been the last run this year, is wrong – we are just getting warm and the next runs are already planned!“, Jochen Vohrmann promises.

CITYRUN Borken 2017 #GEMEINSAM #BEWEGEN // Impressions

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