Display manufacturing par excellence

How fragrances and cosmetic products are put into the spotlight at the pos.

Let us face it: Judging a display afterwards is very simple. „That is really built simple. The details are quite nice.“ The experienced display manufacturers can only grin about these statements. He knows that it is neccessary to have a good idea in mind. One thing should always be in mind while judging a display: The question if the target has been reached - the increased attention at the point of sale for the product which helps to improve the brandss reputation, satisfies the trade with the result of better sales figures fort he company. How less can actually be more the display Flower Bomb by Viktor & Rolf shows impressively.

For the presentation of luxury products standard solutions are not sufficient. For this reason, every project is a new challenge. After the initial briefing and the announcement of the budget, on the basis of the products a meaningful 3D-layout and through the visual representation a first impression can be created. This saves time and terminates the era of extravagant pattern arias. Already during the design process the question about the processing possibilities arises. The budget is an important size in order to start and plan with the appropriate production methods and materials.

Besides acrylic glass, which is available in many qualities and colors, specific types of polystirene or other plastics are used. For this the highest precision and expertise is required. The times of ugly edges are almost over. Latest saw and adhesive technologies ensure flawless surfaces and connection points. In addition to plastics there are always new material production processes in use – by means of creativity as well as by the commitment to individuality. One example is the  La vie est belle-display disguised with mirrors where the back side has been covered with an exclusive fabric from France – a real eye-catcher with a slightly shimmering effect.

After the selection of the basic material the highest quality as well the implementation of the printing is compulsory. Here the screen printing again and again profiles by its versatile use, by proper color results, a high edge sharpness for printed lettering and the number of finishing options, for example by Gold, Silver or mirror colors. The Hypnosis Star display by Lancome is really a prime example. By screen printing here individual glittering points could specifically be applied to the surface. In general finishes or coatings are increasingly being used. From metallic effects to rust opticsand to coatings that protect against mechanical damage a lot can be done. These options in combination with the digital printing which ensures photo-realistic images leaves nothing to be desired. Prints can also be set in scene when they are printed on cristally clear surfaces mirror-inverted. This results in a high quality "brilliant" optics and simultaneously increases the depth effect, which impressively can be seen in the Kosé-display.

Therefor simple is something different – the display building is definitely not. This insight behind the scenes should have shown what is possible in this area. Since more than 40 years the company Effekt Grafik stands for individual creativity and helps you to realize the desired concept - with the experience of thousands of projects.

The display for La vie est belle disguised with mirrors. For the Hypnosis Star-display by Lancome during the screen printing individual glittering points have been specifically applied to the surface. By printing in reverse onto the glass clear material, the result is a high-quality "brilliant" look, as shown here in the visuals of the Kosé-displays.

Source: POS kompakt, Ausgabe 5/2013 September