Company duo collects:
donation for Muko-Life

Effekt Grafik & The Effekt Grafik team and the tax consultancy partnership Legerski hand over a cheque.

Effekt Grafik and the tax consultancy partnership Legerski have assembled a strong team of employees and friends for the Schoolchildren`s race, the 5 km- and the 10-km race.

„The aim was to contribute a sport dress and 100 euros for the society Muko-Life for each participating runner.“, Martin Legerski, shareholder of the tax consultancy partnership explains.

Altogether 20 runners ran for charity with the motto „#GEMEINSAM #BEWEGEN“ on May 5th and they earned 2000 euros for the society. The money can be used for medical research projects.

„We want to support the fight against the insidious disease of Mucoviscidosis and at the same time improve the quality of life of affected children“ , Ulrich Legerski of Effekt Grafik explains.

The idea and the planning for the „Citylauf“ -action 2017 has been framed and realized in close cooperation between the two brothers. They have already supported the society based in Rhede with their Bocholt companies for several years and they will continue to do this with further energetic activities.

CITYRUN 2017 #GEMEINSAM #BEWEGEN // impressions

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