ck one GOLD - A tribute to youth!

Is there anyone who does not know this from the past!? That tiny little thrill in front of a sweet machine just right before you can take the sweets out of a flap with a little rotation.

These youthful memories are evoked by the new floor display by „CK One Gold" that makes clients' hearts beat faster. 

Instead of colourful sweets the display contains perfume samples put in transparent balls that can be taken out of a shelf closed by a golden door.

That display is a successful combination of a transparent acrylic-glas hood and a wooden column varnished white that is refined with shining gold accents made of acrylic mirror and bandoxal.

This exclusive version of the nostalgic sweet dispenser has been reanimated in small quantities for a promotion campaign nation-wide. In this way the noble Calvin Klein eau de toilette can be brought to the client in a playful manner - true to the product principle: With a tribute to youth!