„Back to the roots!“ for Sanflore

This motto was followed by the designer of the Effect Graphic Advertising Media GmbH & Co. KG during the development of the stand display for the customer Laboratoire Sanoflore.

The displays have been established for the bio-care brand Sanflore in selected pharmacies in April 2012, Effekt Grafik reported. It was the aspect of nature closeness in combination with the presentation site "Pharmacy" which made the designer create a stand display of high quality wood in the appearance of a pharmacist rack design. As a first step the wood was stained to achieve the nostalgic effect. In addition to this there was a top sign in current Sanoflore-Design. Combined with nostalgic brass fittings, nostalgic merchandise marking signs and different accessoires a harmonious overall concept was created, Effekt Grafik emphasized.

Source: Display, Ausgabe 04/2012