From the region for the region

EFFEKT GRAFIK's Sales Director, Tuncay Kezer (left), hands over the manufactured face masks in Ahaus to Mr. Tobias Rodig (right), Head of Corporate Communications KWML with #keepdistance and #stayhealthy wishes to the whole nursing staff.

Donation from the region for the region #forthehealthofall!
Protective masks are in great demand during the corona crisis. They serve as protection against the droplet infection, which is mostly transmitted by speaking, coughing or sneezing. Especially medical practices, hospitals and nursing homes rely on the important protective masks to protect their staff from COVID-19 and other infectious diseases, so that their health and an optimal care of the patients is ensured.

The desire for protection increases

Due to the high demand - also from the private population - in many places the protective masks for nursing staff are sold out or are offered on the Internet at truly exorbitant prices.

"Especially now it is even more important to rethink, stick and act together. To slow down the pandemic in order to relieve the hospitals and the health care system.“
Tuncay Kezer (Sales Director at EFFEKT GRAFIK)

EFFEKT GRAFIK sees the plight of the regional hospitals and on our own initiative we converting the production to face masks. Last week, around 700 face masks were produced internally by our employees and donated to the regional hospitals in Bocholt and Ahaus of the Klinikum Westmünsterland (KWML).

"The situation in the field of protective equipment is a very tense topic for all hospitals. The donation from EFFEKT GRAFIK is an excellent example of fast help from the region for the region in the current crisis period. On behalf of our employees we would like to express our sincere thanks to the entire team of the company.“
Tobias Rodig (Head of Corporate Communications at the Klinikum)

"Many thanks to Mr. Rodig for his positive feedback! We are happy to make this donation possible with our 50 years of experience in plastics technology. In addition to the masks made of polycarbonate, we now also produce other preventive measures such as counter protections, partitions, floor and window stickers to contain the pandemic".
Tuncay Kezer (Sales Director at EFFEKT GRAFIK)

Whether in supermarkets or beverage stores, in pharmacies or medical supply stores, in drugstores or petrol stations - especially where your employees come into contact with hundreds of customers daily, these protective measures are essential.

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