An all-rounder all along the line

You might know this situation very well: While doing grocery shopping, you get frequently attracted by new, showy presentations of products – buy me! That is how the aim of each display can be summed up: It is a matter of catching the attention of the costumer and encouraging him to buy.

Due to the fast growing product series on the market, displays should be as versatile as possible to be changed quickly or to be suited to different trends.

This means for us: sustained and flexible displays are needed that convince of a strong presence in the whole line!

We met these special requirements for the cosmetic group L`Oréal Germany. In cooperation we designed an eye-catching and permanent display that can be used for different product series.

The outstanding product characteristics of this display can be described as follows:
A white metallic construction including height adjustable shelf floors offers the required stability and gives a neutral base. Highest variability is generated through elements which are modular. A high-quality topper made of black acrylic can be changed at any time because of using magnets. Furthermore the visual at the back is changeable, too. Side elements are to be equipped with backlit-foils. PET-G, a very sustainable material, is printed individually by screen printing and emphasizes the value of L`Oréal. According to the customer’s request the “Kopfgondel” can be used selectively for various brands and products. Additionally an individual acrylic glorifiers puts special products in scene.

The “Kopfgondel” is particularly convincing through a clever use of lightning elements. High quality integrated light panels ensure homogeneous lightning and the filigree design makes it look precious.

Thanks to our own installation team it was possible to realize a two-week process to place the “Kopfgondel” in about 65 “Müller” drugstores.

Sustainable versatile // impressions