ABSOLUE SKIN CARE: latest POS-attraction

The care series „ABSOLUE“ by LANCÔME is effectively set in scene through an innovative rack element with a variable range of applications in selected perfumeries.

White and with gold mirror coated acrylic glass – with these materials the almost 80 cm long, 20 cm high and 27 cm depth display was manufactured. In addition to the mirror elements the noble back side  is immediately striking which gets its dazzling effect by means of a 4-way hot foil embossing silver and gold foil. In the shelf element a tester is presented in the middle of a so-called glorifier.

Product badge provide information about the product lines that are placed sideways. The glorifier can also be taken off and, in addition, used separately - individually or set in a 20 cm wide, golden frame box, Effekt Grafik explains. With regard to the product presentation it can also be used very flexibly. The high-quality sales display aims to present the products of the "ABOLUE" series as a powerful unit and to stand out from the surrounding brands. It was produced in duplicate. One variation contains, in addition to the normal equipment, lighting in the form of a LED-bar integrated on the upper edge, Effekt Graphik explains.

Source: Display, Ausgabe 03/2013