Excitement in XXL format


"What's happening here?" - this is the question currently being asked by many people walking past the Douglas store on the "Königsallee" in Düsseldorf. People's eyes are attracted magically by the new, full-surface window covering made by EFFEKT GRAFIK.

Long distance effect secured

By the use of meaningful motif prints and quality applications in gold and black, the "packaged" store piques the interest of viewers who wonder "What might be coming?"

DOUGLAS is convinced

The realistic 2D designs in the stylish DOUGLAS CI, the production of the high-quality prints and lettering as well as the on-time installation distinguish EFFEKT GRAFIK as a trustworthy partner at the POS and have made them internationally renowned in the screen and digital printing branch.

The Luxury Store will keep the attractive window sticker until Douglas opens the doors to the new beauty store in a luxurious ambience. You can be curious!

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