Over 50 years, YSL has been at the forefront of luxury brands and has created a unique tribute to its most important and enduring value with the fragrance LIBRE: FREEDOM .

For the launch of the fragrances, YSL is relying on British singer-songwriter Dua Lipa as its brand ambassador. With her uncompromising beauty she stands as a perfect symbol for the free woman of today – strong, courageous and authentic.

To ensure that LIBRE's unique fragrance nuances and visual communication are shown to their best advantage at the POS, EFFEKT GRAFIK developed an equally high-quality experience shelf for the international luxury brand.

Like all displays of the YSL brand, the solution is made of recycled materials and was manufactured in an environmentally friendly way with our modern, energy- and resource-saving production processes. Visually stylish, the product presenters show the individual fragrance facets, while the marble structure reflects the strength of LIBRE. The implementation of the shelf is rounded off by the use of glamorous materials in silver/gold and eye-catching visual prints of the brand ambassador.

With the help of EFFEKT GRAFIK, the LIBRE fragrances are now stylishly presented on the shelves at the POS and are discovered and bought by all modern women who want to wear the fragrance of YSL's freedom.

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