Whether as a gift, a sweet, or a dessert – every year, LINDT's Maîtres Chocolatiers develop new creations made of fine chocolate and Christmas spices for the sweet moments of the festive season.

To ensure that these treats find their way under the Christmas trees and onto the dining tables, the internationally active chocolate manufacturer engaged EFFEKT GRAFIK to give its Swiss stores a seductive and inviting touch within the brand CI.

Our POS solutions, produced in-house, create a unique and warm Christmas ambience with their color-intensive prints in the shop windows and in the stores. Customers are almost magically drawn to taste and buy the chocolate creations.

Just in time for the winter season the Christmas business can start in the Swiss LINDT stores with new flair and a special atmosphere.

We at EFFEKT GRAFIK are very proud and grateful to be part of the XMAS appearance of the Chocoladefabrik Lindt & Sprüngli AG!

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