Everyone knows him: Tyrannosaurus rex - an overpowering, intelligent creature & a true icon of strength & superiority of his time!

But do you also know the fabric tape with the same name, the "T-Rex® Tape" from our costumer kip?
T-Rex® repairs, strengthens & fastens with the #power of a dinosaur, whether for outdoor use or for DIY work.

For the extraordinarily strong, tear & weather resistant T-Rex® products we designed an extremely robust & high-quality stand display, which impresses with its creative design, its selective choice of materials and detailed execution. The T-Rex® brand is presented in proper style at the POS and can be flexibly adapted to customer wishes.


KIP - Standdisplay T-Rex®


Our powder-coated metal construction impresses with its outstanding appearance, stable construction as well as its easy handling. The perforated wall allows the individual positioning of the products for a flexible product placement.

Thanks to the entire KIP team for the creative task and the balanced collaboration with a successful project completion! We look forward to many more creative projects with you!

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